The Future of Horse Racing

iReality is revolutionizing the sport of horse racing with its unique 4D sensing technology and data evolution.

iReality’s Smart Racetrack is the world’s first intelligent solution for horse racing.

The Smart Racetrack Solution

iReality’s 4D sensing revolutionizes the tracking of horses and jockeys, and the real-time engagement of its followers and enthusiasts.

No transponders, GPS devices, or satellite signals are used – Just real intelligence, now.

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Robert Wallner is appointed as the new CEO of iReality AB

iReality AB announces that its board has chosen Robert Wallner as the organization´s chief executive officer. ”Roberts track record of strong leadership and sales experience combined with his deep industry knowledge makes him uniquely qualified to lead iReality successfully into the future.” says Hanse Ringström, Chairman of the Board. ”I´m honoured for this opportunity to […]

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iReality’s mission is to enhance and intensify the horse racing experience for all through our next generation sensing, tracking, mapping, and data augmentation solution

The Smart Racetrack

The experience of horse racing is now ready for the next generation of technology to benefit its enthusiasts and participants, and iReality is leading the way forward. We have created the concept of the ‘Smart Racetrack’ to bridge the gap between the experience of today and the needs of tomorrow, and to dramatically augment it for everyone.

Our Smart Racetrack combines our unique 4D sensing capabilities, our cloud-based software, enhanced intelligence and data, and live and instant replay video to deliver an unmatched race experience.

Our track-side sensors synchronously follow the jockeys and horses, and instantaneously update the race data and racegoer information in real time. iReality’s managed live and instant replay video feed is complemented with our graphical multi-threaded performance data of the horse, jockey, and overall race.

  • Real-time tracking in any weather.
  • Our sensors use our unique ranging and mapping algorithms, and update at over 400,000 times per second, per sensor.
  • Race viewing video streaming captured and displayed in HD with customized race metrics.
  • We support all flat racing, trotting, steeplechasing, and workouts.


iReality’s cloud-based data analysis and intelligent network can capture over 400,000 points of data per second per sensor, and streams the information faster than what is currently possible with video transmission only. This creates an unmatched data and information framework for each moving object, and a significantly improved ability to engage in race decisions.

StarController uses our proprietary algorithms and machine learning to analyze, amplify, and delivers actionable data instantly. Our platform boosts decision-making through highly-accurate sensing metrics computed in a fraction of a millisecond.

  • StarController is patented
  • StarController algorithmically creates new and actionable data from its sensors and legacy data.
  • StarController senses over 400,000 points of data per second, per 4D sensor.
  • StarController creates a data output for tips and greater analysis.
  • StarController is the first and only system to use 4D sensing technology.

Discovery drives excitement. Excitement drives engagement.

Racegoers can now discover a more exciting experience through our use of multi-dimensional use of data and graphics on live broadcasts and instant-replays across devices, providing a uniquely immersive engagement.

Sophisticated information for the sporting world.

iReality’s proprietary sensing platform and enhanced data management solution provides an exclusive complement to the betting world. Our combination of real-time information and an immersive graphical engagement will forever change the professional sporting marketplace.

About Us

iReality’s team brings decades of experience in data development and streaming content to its mission of changing and enhancing sporting experiences and entertainment.

iReality’s team has been building and expanding successful businesses globally, with experience across the EU, US, China, APAC, and the Middle-East and Africa.

iReality works with innovative solutions for creating business value.

Embracing tomorrow’s technology, iReality delivers maximum value through close co-operation with customers, leading to mutually beneficial long-term relationships.

  • Decades of experience
  • Tomorrow’s technology
  • Maximum value
  • Close co-operation
  • Long-term relationships


Klarabergsgatan 35, Stockholm, Sweden

The headquarter is located in Stockholm, where we have office for Project Management, Customer Success Management and Quality Assurance.