Behind the Scenes at Bro Park – Smart Racetrack, Part I

The ‘Smart Racetrack’ concept combines all aspects of iReality’s expertise to deliver an unmatched race experience. This includes our unique 4D sensing capabilities, our cloud-based software for processing input data, our enhanced output data & intelligence, and live and instant video replay capabilities. Our track-side sensors synchronously follow the race horses, and instantaneously update the race data and racegoer information in real-time. This is the story of how we made this next generation of live sports possible.

We are proud to present Bro Park as the world’s first Smart Racetrack. Bro Park is host to two great tracks, one on dirt and one on turf, with four chutes. The backbone of the tracks is about 2,000 meters. The core of iReality’s Smart Racetrack strategy is the leveraging of high-range 300-degree field of view sensors, capable of delivering point clouds (sets of data points in space) in real-time
Mounting these sensors to accurately and efficiently cover and manage both tracks presented multiple challenges. Key among these challenges was the question of how to handle geometry and level differences between the tracks. To overcome these challenges, we established a digital 3D model of the venue and developed a mathematical method for calculating the most efficient and effective location of each sensor. Knowing where to place the sensors, we continued with required ground measures which included a truly groundbreaking design of the sensor setup, so-as-to ensure the safest and most effective level of connectivity, system operations, and system supervision possible.
To be continued.

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