The Future of Horse Racing

We use 4D sensors with laser technology to transmit real-time data directly from the racetrack… and the lasers are completely harmless to both horses and humans.

Together with our customers and clients iReality has created concept Smart Racetrack.

The Route to Smart Racetrack

The next generation of Horse Racing — everyone's talking about it — but what will it mean?

The heart and soul of our solution are our new 4D sensors which tracks horses and jockeys when Racing and also Workouts in real-time.

No transponders, GPS devices or satellite signals are necessary for our tracking and mapping of the runners

The Smart Racetrack Enhance the Horse Racing Experience

With the high precision and high accuracy — give us the opportunities to create many new great products and features for the Horse Racing community.

The consumer can experience a race with the real-time data faster than ever can be relayed with today's video.

Our main goal is creating the next generation tracking and mapping solution for racing

Smart Racetrack

Our combination of industry expertise with technical depth allows us to match digital strategies to business requirements to the technologies required to deliver strategic objectives.

Together with our customers and clients iReality has created the concept we call Smart Racetrack.

The Smart Racetrack is base several services which can be connected to each other.

The heart of the system is our new 4D-sensors which tracks horses and jockeys during the race. The 4D-sensorns are the connected to our cloud-based software called StarController.

The sensors are unobtrusive and compact - about the size of an aluminum can - and are completely unaffected by the rigorous movement of horses racing in full speed.

The Smart Racetrack enhance the horse racing experience, increase revenues and lower costs for our customers.

  • To give the information in real-time where it happens and when it happens.
  • Offers greater guest experience at the racetrack.
  • Smart Racetracks integrate StarController to different systems to enhance information and knowledge. This will be provided and displayed to the guests at the racetrack.
  • In addition to race data – data from workouts can also be illustrated for horse owners, trainers and other stakeholders.
  • To be a pioneer in how other digital smart arenas are built, which can then be used in other different future smart contexts.


Our 4D-Sensors generates data points with precise horizontal position, vertical elevation, and other attribute values such as speed, accelerations.

StarController can capture 400,000 points of data per second per sensor and stream data to end users at a speed that is faster than what is currently possible with video transmission.

StarController is not limited to number of 4D-sensors.

StarController creates business values.

  • StarController is patent pending.
  • StarController captures all 4D data and use algorithm to create new information.
  • StarController is cloud based and use 400,000 points of data per second per 4D sensor.
  • StarController integrates the cloud based data into tips and analytics services.
  • StarController is a computed aided tool to design and monitor the next generation of Smart Racetrack.

Discovery drives excitement. Excitement drives engagement.

Graphics for TV and broadcast to enhance the racing experience.

Interactive applications for web and smartphones and other devices.

Enhance betting products

With high precision and high accuracy, we can create several new products for the horse racing industry. Great opportunities for new exciting in-race gaming products.

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